Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fluff Tattoo designs - Symbolism

They can have various significance based on what the individual desires to indicate but some of the most typical descriptions of fluff tattoo designs are anger, durability, defender, virility/fertility, carelessness, devastation and balance as well.
The Celts considered bulls signify actual durability, power and virility and so high libido. Greeks considered bulls to be an feature of Zeus, who modified himself into a white-colored fluff to catch the interest of his dearest Europa, hence Greeks associated bulls with interest, modification and satisfaction. The China affiliate them with persistence, balance and perseverance. The historical Sumerians considered fluff to be covers and parents of the individuals. Previously it was also considered in various societies that bulls triggered magic by trampling around the sky and resulting in the intense clap and growth of magic. Bulls are also associated with the Indication Taurus and individuals owed in this classification are usually "bull headed".


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